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• Bitrock is a game-changing layer 2 solution in the blockchain industry, providing near-zero gas fees and lightning-fast block times.
• The platform has a unique multichain DEX swap feature that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies directly on their native chains without additional fees.
• Bitrock stands out as an attractive investment opportunity due to its lack of private sales or VC backing.

Bitrock: A Revolutionary Layer 2 Solution

Bitrock is an Ethereum IBFT 2.0 Proof of Authority (PoA) side chain that offers users a cost-effective, scalable, and high-speed infrastructure for transactions. With near-zero native gas fees and lightning-speed block times, the platform is set to revolutionize the blockchain industry with its innovative layer 2 solution.

Unique Offering & Launch

What sets Bitrock apart from other side chains is its unique approach to a multichain DEX swap, enabling users to trade cryptocurrencies directly on their native chains without paying additional fees or holding native chain tokens. Following rigorous Testnet testing, Bitrock launched its live Testnet and then released Mainnet within three days with an impressive 2-second block time and near-zero gas fees.

Key Features & Chain Bridge

In partnership with Sphynx labs, Bitrock will soon introduce a chain bridge to facilitate the seamless conversion of ERC-20 BROCK tokens to native BROCK. Moreover, the team is diligently working on the development of an innovative multichain DEX swap that aims to further enhance user convenience and reduce gas fees.

Build On Bitrock: The Future Of Blockchain

Bitrock’s remarkable speed boasts significantly reduced transaction costs while keeping user experience at top priority – thus making it one of the most attractive platforms for developers looking to build decentralized applications (dApps). With its impressive 2 second block time and near zerogas fee (~ 0.000001 GWEI), Bitrock promises a highly efficient environment for dApp deployment in terms of cost and speed.

Tokenomics: Building A Sustainable Ecosystem

The token economics behind Bitrock are carefully crafted to ensure economic stability within the ecosystem by implementing 4% tax distribution on bot trading volumes across all exchanges. Additionally, total token supply stands at 100 million tokens – making it accessible to retail investors who may not have access large private investments or sales rounds.

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