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• The Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 established a new monetary order in the world that created serious global financial incentives.
• This agreement allowed countries to have the legitimacy of gold-backed currency while also having the stealth taxation of central bank fiat money.
• These incentives have led to isolation, dissatisfaction with work and tyrannical authoritarian governments worldwide.


This article examines how the global financial incentives resulting from the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1944 have caused isolation, dissatisfaction with work and tyrannical authoritarian governments worldwide.

Background on Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods is a small town in New Hampshire where government bureaucrats from all over the world came to establish what they called “a new monetary world order.” The idea of the conference was to fix problems caused by World War I (WWI) and returning to the pre-WWI gold standard was too difficult due to central banking control, so they agreed upon a level of indirection between gold redemption and currencies. Prior to WWI, gold was convertible directly at banks and currencies were backed by it; however, this changed when central banking created some fiat money for certain countries.

Financial Incentives from Bretton Woods

The incentives caused by this agreement have been widespread as every country wanted both gold legitimacy and stealth taxation benefits from fiat money. Some examples include more isolation between countries, less satisfaction with work due to an unbalanced economic system, and oppressive government regulations because of an outdated monetary system. This has resulted in many people feeling like their lives are not improving due to these restrictions placed upon them by their governments.


The Bretton Woods Agreement has had far-reaching effects on our global economy that have been detrimental in many ways. It has caused isolation among countries and dissatisfaction with work, as well as oppressive government regulations that make life difficult for many people around the world. Understanding these issues can help us better understand why we need reform in our current monetary system if we want true economic freedom for everyone worldwide.


The negative impacts resulting from international agreements like Bretton Woods demonstrate how important it is for us to pay attention to changes made within our global economy if we want true economic freedom for everyone around the world.

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