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• Chiliz (CHZ) chain 1.0 has recorded over 2 million wallets
• HEX (HEX) loses about 99% of its value from its all-time high
• Pomerdoge is moving towards a 1,700% presale growth

Chiliz (CHZ) Pushes For Blockchain Adoption

Chiliz launched its blockchain in May and since then the CHZ community has been hoping for a game-changer. The network has witnessed significant adoption with its first version recording over two million wallets. CEO Alexandre Dreyfus believes that chain 2.0 will see more adoption although it has not made any positive impact on the price of Chiliz (CHZ). It is currently trading at $0.0772 after seeing a 2% price drop in the past 30 days.

US SEC Describes HEX (HEX) As Unregistered Security

The crypto market has seen several projects take a hit lately and experts fear that HEX (HEX) could be next in line to face a similar fate. It has lost about 99% of its value from the all-time high of $0.56 and is currently trading at $0.0060 after falling 37% in the past week. This was further exasperated by US SEC filing a lawsuit against founder Richard Heart describing HEX (HEX) as an unregistered security, shrinking user base considerably in recent months too.

Pomerdoge Focusing On P2E Games

With blockchain gaming market size set to grow at CAGR of more than 70%, Pomerdoge is ready to launch a new blockchain game, ‘Pomergame’, to disrupt the industry and connect players worldwide with their own characters and personalized avatars which can be evolved through challenges within the game itself. The presale for POMD tokens is advancing rapidly towards a 1700% growth rate from where it started off when launched recently making investors bullish again for this project alike many others like them that are revolutionizing the crypto space with unique offerings like these games based on blockchain technology.

Market Sentiment

The market had seen several ups and downs with investors hesitant to invest aggressively but now things have taken an upturn with projects like Pomerdoge rejuvenating bulls who are investing heavily as they want to capitalize on potential gains associated with such projects while those associated with Chiliz(CHZ), Hex(Hex), etc have not seen much improvement in terms of prices or sentiment around them due either lacklustre performance or litigation issues associated with them respectively leading people away from investing into such projects directly or otherwise looking for other alternatives instead which may prove more fruitful for their investments.


Overall, despite some projects struggling to make it big, there are still plenty out there offering great opportunities for investors who are willing to take calculated risks . Therefore, it becomes important that one looks into each project individually before putting money into them as well as studying markets carefully so as not to miss out on lucrative investment opportunities that may arise due unforeseen circumstances like we have seen quite often during 2020-21 period in particular!

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