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• Bitget, a top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform, has partnered with CoinStats, a renowned crypto portfolio tracker.
• The partnership will reshape the way investors manage their burgeoning digital assets by providing real-time performance tracking and automated tracking processes.
• CoinStats enables users to connect, monitor, and oversee all CeFi, DeFi, and NFT holdings from a single unified interface.

Bitget & CoinStats: Simplifying Crypto Asset Management

A Transformative Partnership

Bitget , top crypto derivatives and copy trading platform , unveils its latest alliance with CoinStats , a renowned crypto portfolio tracker, to reshape the way investors manage their burgeoning digital assets. In an era where cryptocurrencies are solidifying their position in the mainstream financial landscape, investors worldwide seek streamlined solutions to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving crypto realm.

The Need for Streamlined Solutions

The intricacies and rapid pace of the crypto world necessitate a novel approach to asset management, one that seamlessly synchronizes with the ceaseless 24/7 market dynamics and offers timely insights. Enter crypto portfolio trackers—the indispensable digital asset managers of tomorrow. A Crypto Portfolio Tracker provides comprehensive insights by consolidating data from various wallets and exchanges, giving users a panoramic view of their holdings and keeping them updated on the trading asset performance. It enables informed decision-making through real-time performance tracking, helping Bitget users adjust their portfolios based on market trends for optimized returns.

Automating Efficiency & Tax Compliance

The tracker streamlines efficiency by automating the tracking process, saving time and improving accuracy, especially when manually managing investments across platforms. Additionally, it simplifies tax compliance by offering features that facilitate tax reporting, which can be complex due to varying regulations across jurisdictions.

Unparalleled Accessibility & Insight

To help our users stay ahead, we at Bitget have partnered with the industry’s most powerful crypto portfolio trackers. CoinStats emerges as the go-to platform, empowering users to seamlessly monitor and manage their diverse crypto assets from a single unified interface. With a global user base of 1 million individuals trust in it’s service as a comprehensive portfolio manager providing support for over 300 wallets and exchanges—a number that continues to grow—CoinStats is revolutionizing how users manage their crypto wealth.

Elevating User Experience

The synergy between CoinStats and Bitget introduces a new era of effortless transaction tracking and a heightened user experience previously unavailable on other platforms .CoinStats users now gain unparalleled access to real-time updates on transactions taking place within their accounts enabling them to stay informed about changes in market movements while also gaining awareness into key tax information required for filing .

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